Brighten Your Smile: NEW Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Helps Children!

What if you simply changed ONE daily habit (brushing your teeth) and used a safe and effective TEETH WHITENER TOOTHPASTE vs. the commercial brands available that have unhealthy warnings on the back, like “don’t swallow and if you do call the poison control center” or “keep out of reach of children under 6”????
What IF each time you brushed your teeth you not only put a brighter SMILE ON YOUR FACE, but the face of a CHILD?
ViiVa Global gives 100% of their net profits to World Children’s Fund and by buying this tooth paste, you can help too!  By simply using the EXTRA SMILE TOOTHPASTE BRAND your purchase helps!
Available May 1st. Get on our list for full details!!!!
IF you are seeing this AFTER May 1st simply go to and place your order.  We have embedded a 10% promo code IN our link so you will save money.  
Help a child in need while brightening your teeth.  A Win-Win.
Fund Raising Opportunities are available.  Make a Difference…. vs selling popcorn or cookies to your ‘social network of family and friends’.
EXTRA SMILE TOOTHPASTE is only available through ViiVa Brand Partners….it will never be sold through eBay or Amazon or in retail stores.
Want to learn more on how YOU can make a difference?  Give us a call at 802-846-7530 or email us at
Dave and Joy: Vice President/Global Leaders

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Are you interested in Turbo-Charging & Boosting your Metabolism?  Losing Weight?   Becoming the healthiest version of yourself that you can? Losing Weight in an Accelerated way?

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For only $99.00 you get 2 meals per day plus 2 ViiVa Kiiks (called Add-Ons).

Below you’ll see a visual of what you will get.  This is an optimum way to buy/try all the ViiVa products while supporting your health and energy and BODY….and saving money too.


This 14-day program includes:

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You’ll have enough products for 14-days.  In additional you’ll be part of TEST CASE – be invited to join a Facebook Group called ViiVa Accelerated Weight Loss, and get free SUPPORT and Accountability…

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Dave and Joy/Global Leaders, Vice President



What IS the ACTIVE Ingredient?

Great message today in DEEP BREATH OF LIFE book. The LESSON on the Day is called :  THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT.
“Have you ever read the list of ingredients on a tube of toothpaste or patent medicine? There is usually a long roll of chemicals, colorings, and additives, followed by bold letters “Active Ingredient”- the one that really gets the job done and makes the item worth buying. Everything else is a filler or enhancer. Without the active ingredient, the stuff would be useless.
Love is the active ingredient of life, the chemical that makes everything else worthwhile. You can have all the other amenities, but if love is absent you are lost. You can feel victimized or abandoned, but if you add love, suddenly life has meaning again.
I met a woman who owned a booming ski resort. “I have done very well financially for many years,” she told me. “But lately I have felt bored and irritable; my life and job seem to have no meaning. I meditated on my situation, and the answer that came was “more caring,’. I realized that my work had become distasteful because I have gotten caught up in the mechanics rather than the essence, which is taking care of people. So I rededicated myself to making my clients happy, regardless of the financial outcome. I even found ways I could reduce rates. Now my work is a delight, and I am even more successful.”
Have you retained the active ingredient, or has it slipped away? If so, ask yourself how your work, relationships, or spiritual path could be enhanced by bringing more heart to them. Rearrange your priorities to give care first, and all else will follow.
No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.
 I have noticed this with our ViiVa business.  When I am deeply passionate about what I am sharing or offering – I exude passion and LOVE.  Fall in love what you have and do, and then share the love, simple as that.
Dave and I LOVE what we are offering and doing with ViiVa.  There is the nutritional component, then there is the “solution” we offer for people…. and the charitable portion of what you can offer with ViiVa and the fun part with TRAVEL.  Be an early adapter and join us. 
ViiVa is a Social Marketing Company that is light years above the competition in this industry.
Are YOU wanting to make a difference in your life and in your community or the greater world?  Perhaps what we have may interest you.  Reach out at 802-846-7530 or
Dave and Joy/ ViiVa Global Vice President

Can You Imagine Feeding a Hungry Child While Brushing Your Teeth?

What if you could do something meaningful that made a difference each and every day on an activity that you do daily?  Would you be interested?

Well, you can and it’s as easy as changing your toothpaste!

ViiVa Global supports their favorite charity, the “World Children’s Fund” in many ways, but a new and exciting way is with the purchase of their new toothpaste called EXTRA SMILE!  (

Each time you purchase EXTRA SMILE TOOTHPASTE (Safe and Natural Teeth Whitener) you support feeding a hungry child.  Imagine knowing this each and every time you and your family brush their teeth?

ViiVa Global gives 100% of their net profits to World Children’s Fund.

So, as you and your family do something you naturally do on a daily basis, you will not only brighten YOUR smile, but put a SMILE on the face of a  child in need.  To me, this is a huge win-win.

OK, you may be thinking, I love the idea of contributing to something that helps children in need, but honestly what makes this toothpaste different?

Extra Smile is very clean teeth-whitening toothpaste. (safe enough to swallow but not recommended). One of the key ingredients it includes is Nano Hydroxyapatite which is an excellent source for remineralization and reduction of tooth sensitivity. Studies show it is more effective than fluoride for positive dental outcomes. Most experts believe this will be the new fluoride in the coming years and we are years ahead making it mainstream now. Also it includes Xylitol which has numerous dental benefits and recommended by dentists and hygienists. In addition we have added a Trace Mineral Solution which is an excellent source of trace-minerals the body needs for strong bones/teeth.

As you can see from this visual, there are MANY toothpastes on the market that make claims of helping the teeth become whiter and stronger…. however the majority of them also come with the warning to NOT SWALLOW and if you do to contact a Poison Control Center right away.

What if you could experience THESE kinds of results while using a SAFE and an all-natural toothpaste that is non-toxic, delivers results you are looking for and has no harmful chemicals like fluoride?  What if you could get THESE results like a friend of ours did in only 8 days using EXTRA SMILE?

EXTRA SMILE TEETH WHITENING TOOTHPASTE will be available on May 1st, 2019.  If you are interested in purchasing it you can use our PROMO code DaveandJoy at OR to make it simple we have embedded our promo code INTO our website at so you can get a 10% on ALL products on our website.

Looking for a way to help those less fortunate than you?  EXTRA SMILE is it!  It’s a ‘transfer buy’….in other words you are already buying toothpaste so why not switch?   Put an EXTRA BRIGHT SMILE on your smile and that of a child.  2 tubes of Extra Smile are only $19.80 using our code or if you are a VIP (on monthly subscription) or Brand Partner like we are, the cost is only $18.00.

(This also makes a great fund-raiser for charities, vs. selling cookies, popcorn, wrapping paper or greeting cards.  Ask us how)  802-846-7530,

Ready to order? or if it is not yet May 1st, 2019 when you are seeing this email us and we’ll put you on a list to get the first to know of it’s availability.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dave and Joy/Vice President ViiVa Global


Latest ViiVa update Video: Pre-Launch Summary with Dave….

The “official” ViiVa pre-launch this past weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday night, March 15th and all day Saturday March 16, was a huge success.  In an effort to continue to be a reliable source for ViiVa information, Dave DeBerardinis put together this brief video overview.  For a very limited time only we have access to the full LIVE STREAM…. until the end of March 22nd.

As always, we welcome confidential conversations with YOU or anyone who may be looking at joining ViiVa.  Simply reach out at or call us at 802-846-7530.


Dave and Joy/ Vice Presidents in the ViiVa field