Brighten Your Smile: NEW Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Helps Children!

What if you simply changed ONE daily habit (brushing your teeth) and used a safe and effective TEETH WHITENER TOOTHPASTE vs. the commercial brands available that have unhealthy warnings on the back, like “don’t swallow and if you do call the poison control center” or “keep out of reach of children under 6”????
What IF each time you brushed your teeth you not only put a brighter SMILE ON YOUR FACE, but the face of a CHILD?
ViiVa Global gives 100% of their net profits to World Children’s Fund and by buying this tooth paste, you can help too!  By simply using the EXTRA SMILE TOOTHPASTE BRAND your purchase helps!
Available May 1st. Get on our list for full details!!!!
IF you are seeing this AFTER May 1st simply go to and place your order.  We have embedded a 10% promo code IN our link so you will save money.  
Help a child in need while brightening your teeth.  A Win-Win.
Fund Raising Opportunities are available.  Make a Difference…. vs selling popcorn or cookies to your ‘social network of family and friends’.
EXTRA SMILE TOOTHPASTE is only available through ViiVa Brand Partners….it will never be sold through eBay or Amazon or in retail stores.
Want to learn more on how YOU can make a difference?  Give us a call at 802-846-7530 or email us at
Dave and Joy: Vice President/Global Leaders

NEW ViiVa Weight Loss Intro Sampler Pak…

Do you like the words “TRY before you BUY”? Well, we listened to you and decided to put together an INTRO SAMPLER PAK (exclusive to our team) that includes each of the 6 New ViiVa products!  We have also priced it at only $20, and that includes shipping and handling!


1 TRIM MAX, 1 TRIM, 1 Vegan Chocolate Shake, 1 Vegan Vanilla Shake, 2 additional Kiiks, (also known as “add-ons”) 1 Amazon Superfruits, 1 Power Greens. Products for health, nutrition, energy and boosting the metabolism, while also suppressing the appetite and unhealthy cravings.  This “Into SAMPLER PAK” will help you Turbo Charge your Metabolism and give you the energy you want and need for your busy life.


If you’d like a full description of each email us at and we’ll send you additional information.  This INTRO SAMPLER PAK can not be ordered online anywhere so contact us if you are interested (at the email above) or by calling 802-846-7530.  Once you experience each products you’ll be able to decide which you love best, and order by going to  (Wholesale and Customer Options available.)

If you’d like information on the 20-Day Accelerated Weight Loss Program for only $114.00 plus S/H please inquire.  It’s another opportunity to use/try/experience all these amazing products. 🙂

Dave and Joy/ViiVa Global Vice President


Order Here:

NEW “OPTIMAL Tavala/ViiVa Pack” Save $189 and It’s available now…..

Alas …

More updates on the Tavala/ViiVa merge and the ViiVa official launch – AND with that comes incentives and amazing opportunities.

We’re happy to continue to share a new announcement that was shared today on January 24, 2019.  See below.

As Tavala transitions to VIIVA you’ll see some unique incentives for everyone as this all comes together.  This means both Consumers (customers) and Brand Partners can enjoy HUGE savings on products we already use and LOVE.

Here is the NEW OPTIMAL PACK named for good reason but we won’t go into it here…

If you are already in love with the TAVALA products and want a ‘whale of a deal”  this promo saves you $189.00!  If you’ve been curious as to what other products are and do, this is a perfect time to explore.

Check this out!

in ‘ViiVa’s wording….’

We are excited to create an amazing pack that includes some of our best products. There are two pack options to choose from: Optimal Sticks Pack or the Optimal Capsules Pack.

The Optimal Pack contains:

1-Amazon Gold
1-Tamanu Organics Daily Essentials
1-Quantum Relief Strips
2-Trim Sticks OR Trim Capsules

This package is only $299.95 (140 DC), giving you a HUGE savings of $189.99.

Investing in this pack qualifies you to be paid at the Gold rank, or the level of your highest ever achieved rank for the next 4 weeks. This will be paid as a team bonus, not as a lifestyle bonus.


ONLY available on auto ship you can get a $489 value pack of the most favorite Tavala products and save money too.

We LOVE being on the forefront of ViiVa’s new announcements:

If you ever have questions please email us at or call 802-846-7530.  Not with Tavala yet and would like to join us before the official ViiVa launch?  Go to and click on getting started as a Brand Partner.

We are only a ‘click’ or phone call away!

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders and Trainers




Looking to Join VIIVA? Why Consider Joining Our Team…

Are you looking to JOIN VIIVA?  If so, perhaps you may want to consider why joining our VIIVA team offers benefits above and beyond joining other teams.

A little background:  Currently VIIVA is in pre-launch.  VIIVA purchased TAVALA October 2018 and we have been with TAVALA full time,  since December 2018.  (TAVALA launched November 1st 2016.)   We officially resigned from a network marketing company we had been with for over ten years to join TAVALA.

This means if you are on our team you are joining an existing TEAM that is well established and fast growing.  When TAVALA officially becomes VIIVA our current Uni-level compensation plan will go to a Binary Hybrid, which means there will be thousands of people placed under others…..called spill over.  YOU will end up with people in YOUR down line by virtue of association and positioning.

Below you’ll see many reasons why we believe joining our team could offer you a distinct advantage.  If you would like to explore this in a confidential conversation please give us a call to see if we are mutually a good fit with one another.  802-846-7530 or email us to set up a phone or zoom appointment.

First and foremost we are dedicated to our teams success and work our VIIVA business ‘full-time’.  This is not a hobby or side-project, this IS our work we are dedicated to.  We are professionals in the industry of network marketing and love helping build other leaders.

*So until we are officially VIIVA, In this article we’ll use the name VIIVA where currently it is TAVALA.  One in the same… 

T.E.A.M.= Together Everyone Achieves More!

 Why Join with Dave and Joy?

  • When you join our team you get US, a professional couple working together, blending our talents to offer YOU the best support possible.
  • We are readily available for Zoom Calls as well 3-way calling.  We are comfortable speaking with highly successful and seasoned pros in the industry as well as the ‘newbie’ who is joining network marketing for the first time.
  • We have set up Trainings for our team and have hundreds of training videos.   Why is this important?  Pointing to a TOOL means anyone can do this business…you simply share.  We have MORE tools and trainings than any other team.
  • Team Opportunity and Business Overview Calls
  • Team Weekly Calls and Online Interactions – taking your business to the next level.
    • Course 101 – Getting Started
    • Course 202 – Earning your Lifestyle Bonus
    • Course 303 – This is where the big money is made!
  • Team Calls
  • Weekly Challenge for our Elite Group (How to reach $5K a month income in 90 days)
  • Facebook Group called ‘In Their Own Words’ a great place to share testimonials, trainings, etc.
  • Facebook Group for Team ViiVa (Business)
  • Facebook Group for Sampling Support for customers and people trying our products
  • We also offer to write blogs for our Team members sharing their successes with their information that will lead them to new sales and team growth.
  • Ever wanted to be published in a book?  In 2018 we published a book, “In their Own Words” which highlight over 45 different people and their product or business success.  Would YOU like to be considered for our next edition?
  • Up line Leader Support – 3 Way Call Availability for everyone
  • You Tube Channel- never miss a training video or video testimonial. Subscribe today!
  • Team Training Site-
  • Blog, on relevant topics
  • Available for mentoring, 3-way calls, business conversations and your ears to corporate.

We hope we have given you many reasons to check out joining our team.  There ARE other groups you can join – or you can JOIN VIIVA and begin building once they launch, predicted for early March!

But why not join NOW, build and begin earning money NOW and be successful and established when VIIVA officially launches?  If you join direct with VIIVA and wait until VIIVA launches there will be no people above you to build under you.  You will have to build two teams (Binary, 2 legs) by yourself.  I don’t know about you but TEAM WORK makes the DREAM WORK.

Which ever you choose, I am sure we’ll see you at events, on the ‘web’ and hopefully AT THE TOP.  VIIVA is unique and will create something no other company has ever done in the industry.

Care to chat with the executive staff to hear their direction?  Let’s make it happen.  802-846-7530.

Here’s to a great 2019 and a year of “no regrets”.  We look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders and Trainers

802-846-7530 USA