Be an Inspiration to Others- Follow Your Dreams

Be an Inspiration to Others- Follow Your Dreams

Today I stumbled upon the story below of Ernestine Shepherd and her quest to be in the Guinness World of Records as the oldest female body builder,  and I thought about MY dreams over my lifetime.  I am only days from turning 60 and realized if Ernestine can accomplish HER dreams at a ripe age of 80, then surely I can as well.  It got me thinking!

Other than business goals there is only time I set a goal that I was 100% dedicated to was when I was turning 30 years old.  (Other goals I may have given 90-98%, but never 100%.  I was working at a local fitness center in sales and inspired by several people, with mediocre genetics, who joined the gym, began to eat a clean diet, train with free weights and then compete in a local Vermont body building competition.

I was in pretty decent shape when I turned 30 but dedicated myself to 12 weeks of FOCUSING on my goal….not for anyone else, but for ME.  To prove to myself that I could still be athletic, competitive and in shape, after giving birth to a son and a daughter.  I told few people because I didn’t want to hear anything negative or have me doubt what I was looking to accomplish.  in fact, I didn’t even tell my parents who lived in the same community as I did.

When you are dedicated to a goal you can move mountains!

I stayed true to my goal, even though it wasn’t always easy and I proved to myself that I had the discipline needed to stick with it.  I only wanted to compete one time and I was blessed to take first place in my weight category, which believe it or not, was Heavy Weight.  (Imagine 122 lbs. being Heavy Weight?  But that was way before female body building became popular among the masses and you didn’t have to have a lot of muscle, like you have to today!)  I weighed in at 122 pounds and 8.5% body fat.

Today, I got re-inspired by the story below, not to compete, but to set a goal for my health, for the new decade I am about to embark into (6th decade) !  Thanks Ernestine, you have inspired one more person today by being an example of what is possible.

I hope you are inspired by her story.

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How to Build your Tavala Business FAST?

How to Build your Tavala Business FAST?

Tavala is one of the easiest Network Marketing companies to share because the products WORK and WORK quickly.  They are not ‘me too’ products that take an hour to explain, and you don’t have to use them for 30-90 days to experience significant results.  With Tavala, you’ll know that same DAY if not before!

Tavala is also a SAMPLING company.  Pre-packaged samples like the Tavala Trim, for example, come in several of the larger business consumer packs that the company has.

So what is the FASTEST way to build your TAVALA business?

Simply Put- share….share…share!  Click below to see how simple it is.


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Not exactly String Theory…. or is it?

In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. It describes…………… NO, not that kind of String Theory…

More like this.

Your team will follow you.  See the word “Follow”?  Most people think that leadership is about pushing and forcing….  well, if you’re in a business that relies on a team working together and reaching new heights individually and for the team, you may want to reconsider how to motivate people.

Here’s a short clip I made for our team to transfer their understanding on “who they need to be” if they are looking for duplication.


Your business and your team will grow faster if they can see what they need to duplicate. Words are cheap…. but your powerful demonstration is the most powerful lesson you can give.

Looking to learn more about leadership while you build a team and an income?  Awesome, because that is what we do..

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Dave & Joy


What is Currently in the Tavala Experience Box Pack?

What is Currently in the Tavala Experience Box Pack?


Tavala came together in November 2016 with an Executive Team that has decades of experience in business and the direct sales industry. This group saw a big opportunity in a problem that is seen too often among network marketing companies.

The problem with many direct sales companies is having to sell overpriced products that don’t fill a real need for the end consumer. They struggle to make great products that have an appeal (aside from commission) to both member and their subscriber.  Not Tavala!

Tavala believed there could be a better way to do business…a better and unique way to participate in a direct sales company today.

Tavala is earning a great reputation in the industry and is known as “the direct sales subscription box company” who offers unique, consumable products that are good for your body, both inside and out. A personalized subscription box where you choose the products, the price point, and how often you receive them.  This BOX will grow as new products are introduced.  Tavala will never hype, promote, sell or talk about any products ‘coming’ that are not yet on the shelves in their warehouse!

What is currently in the Experience

Box Pack?

Check back periodically as Tavala is adding new and innovative products AND will add them to the Experience Pack so you can enjoy, first hand, all products available at any given time.   Today, February 16, 2017 there are currently 4 products in the Experience Product Box.  For only $184.99  you get to experience a 28-day supply of each of them.  1)  the TAVALA TRIM– Tavala’s Flagship Product, 2) Tavala Control, and The Micro Misters, 3) Alert and 4) Control.

By purchasing the EXPERIENCE pack as opposed to each product individually you save $29.97!  You can also go on a monthly Subscription Box order and get FREE SHIPPING!

To learn more about each of Tavala’s individual products

click below on the very brief videos!   Brief video on Trim product (42 seconds long) Brief video on CONTROL product (1:14 long)   Micro-Misters SNOOZE and ALERT

Tavala is growing rapidly each and every day.  If you are looking to represent both a company and a product line that is easy to share, and exceptional in quality, join us today.  We are looking for leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of others and create substantial income growing their team.

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If you enjoy helping people and sharing new products that may benefit those you care about you’ll love sharing the NEW TAVALA TRIM DRINK.  Truly a new breakthrough in weight management.

What is Tavala Trim?

Over the past 2 months I began compiling a document with what now has well over 100 testimonials on the benefits people are getting on the Tavala Ttim.  If you are interested in receiving that list, reach out to me by email, or call us at 802-846-7530.  Hear what a couple of people are sharing about their TRIM experience.

“We moved on Saturday and I drank the Tavala Trim around 10:30 in the morning.  I had so much energy throughout the day- settled into our house late and night and had NO hunger throughout the day.  I had a shake for dinner and can tell, in only 5 days I have lost inches and my clothes are getting baggier.”  D.E.

“A friend has been using the Tavala Trim for 4 weeks and has lost 20 pounds.  This is the only thing they have been doing different…. this works!!!”  G.H.

“Down 12 lbs. in 2 weeks”…and this is BEFORE the New Year.  Tavala Trim Works!   P.T.

“Breakthrough day! My scale gave me some friendly numbers! Yea! Already 14.1 lbs. GONE since starting Tavala…Will post some pics today!”  BP

TAVALA TRIM : Delicious Drink that gives you ENERGY, FOCUS, SUPPRESSES YOUR APPETITE,  BOOSTS YOUR METABOLISM and helps you on your quest for losing weight.  $64.99 for members and customers!

Tavala also has another product called CONTROL that supports weight management AND also helps normalize blood sugar levels.  Inquire by emailing us for additional info or visit our website below.

If you are looking for a great product and business to represent consider joining our team with TAVALA.  We support our team on all levels and offer training and support in all arenas.   802-846-7530

Dave and Joy