Neuroplasticity Coaching

Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term referring to the ability of your brain to reorganize itself, both physically and functionally, throughout your life due to your environment, behavior, thinking, and emotions. A Neuroplasticity Coach is someone who listens and guides you through consciously identifying desired results and then building and applying a methodology designed to re-wire […]

New Support page for Network Marketers

We just launched a new service to champion YOU and where you are in your network marketing business. This new series of programs is “non – denominational” meaning we will NOT be talking about your primary company or ANY other company. We will be offering Free Mindset calls weekly, private and semi-private coaching, and insider’s […]

Can Changing MLM Companies Be Like a Divorce?

I recently heard the analogy that “Changing MLM Companies Can Be Like a Divorce.” For those out there who have been divorced, you may know how difficult it can be terminating a relationship,  ESPECIALLY one where you still care for or even love.   But being true to yourself you know that in your heart, that […]

Mad Money for Momma- My First Try…

Mad Money for Momma- “my first try” Hey fellow ladies and Mommas…. How many of you believe that having your own Monthly “Mad Money” is important & even critical for Momma’s Happiness and Well-being? AND if the answer IS YES….. What amount of mad money would make YOU happy?  $$$$ Here’s my ‘story’….which I’ll call […]

Four Year Career for Women- NEW BOOK!!! A Must Read for Women in Network Marketing !

Four Year Career for Women- NEW BOOK!!! A Must Read for Women in Network Marketing ! If you are a woman or know a woman, then you know … You know that women wear multiple hats and they want more: more for their families, more for their friends, more for the world, and even more […]

“The Four Year Career for Women” by Kimmy Brooke….finally a book for women!

“The Four Year Career for Women” by Kimmy Brooke….finally a book for the ladies in network marketing! Written for and by a woman….and a successful icon in the industry as well. I haven’t experienced this kind of “book”excitement in my life since the launch of my father’s book “the Unknown Rockwell”.   Yes, it is true […]

The Four Year Career Book for WOMEN!

The Four Year Career Book for WOMEN! Several years ago a friend shared a book with Dave and I that changed our perspective on the industry of Network Marketing. The book was called THE FOUR YEAR CAREER and is a best selling book in the industry of network marketing and used by many network marketing […]

How would you spend a Monthly Residual check?

How to create a monthly residual check A check that is -Growing -Sustainable -Consistent And one that is creating an Asset Income for you and your family Asset defined: property owned by a person, as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies. Join our Training for the next 2 Monday nights as […]

Your Up Line in Network Marketing

Your Up Line in Network Marketing It is often said that many people who join a network marketing company spend more time assessing the value of a $50-$100 product than on choosing their company and especially their up line.  I have known people who have joined a company because their uncle Joe told them it […]

No Script Prospecting Equals Inviting

No Script Prospecting Equals Inviting People tend to make most tasks harder than they have to be. Take prospecting for example.  Most people think you need to sell, use techniques, apply pressure, etc…..  usually the same people who say Network Marketing is hard.  None of their friends will talk with them. Reason:  It’s NOT a […]