How would you spend a Monthly Residual check?

How to create a monthly residual check A check that is -Growing -Sustainable -Consistent And one that is creating an Asset Income for you and your family Asset defined: property owned by a person, as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies. Join our Training for the next 2 Monday nights as […]

Your Up Line in Network Marketing

Your Up Line in Network Marketing It is often said that many people who join a network marketing company spend more time assessing the value of a $50-$100 product than on choosing their company and especially their up line.  I have known people who have joined a company because their uncle Joe told them it […]

No Script Prospecting Equals Inviting

No Script Prospecting Equals Inviting People tend to make most tasks harder than they have to be. Take prospecting for example.  Most people think you need to sell, use techniques, apply pressure, etc…..  usually the same people who say Network Marketing is hard.  None of their friends will talk with them. Reason:  It’s NOT a […]

What’s Your Biggest Regret?

What’s Your Biggest Regret? This question really hit my husband, Dave, this morning and as he was thinking of HIS biggest regrets in life he came upon this video.  What transpired is both of us deciding to live our life so that we don’t  HAVE future regrets,… and a reminder to do those things in […]

I Read the News Today, OH BOY!

I Read the News Today, OH BOY! I have been enjoying Alan Cohen’s book “A DEEP BREATHE OF LIFE” for around 10+ years.  I love the daily messages that offer inspiration.  Here is today, July 11th!!!!   As I read it I realize a couple of things I have learned to fill my mind with positive […]

All in Timing

All in Timing “To know how to wait is the great secret of success”- De Maistre I have adored reading Alan Cohen’s book, “A Deep Breath of LIFE” (Daily Inspiration for Heart-Centered Living”) for the past 10 years.  The page I randomly chose today really speaks to my heart- and it is on TIMING. I […]

Your Network Marketing Business is Like a Deck of Cards

Your Network Marketing Business is Like a Deck of Cards Do you ever wonder how some people build a network marketing business quickly while others are slow to build and never quite get their business off the ground?  Check out this brief video below to see the answer.  Believe it or not, it is SIMPLE […]

Join FGXpress

Join FGXpress Join the most authentic organization on the planet! We got tired of all the hype in network marketing…..  and just because some people do it, many newbies and some oldies think that by shouting as loud as you can from what ever platform you can find, works!   It doesn’t. If like attracts like […]

Earn $ While Losing Weight with KETOPIA

Earn $ While Losing Weight with KETOPIA We recently ran our first of many, 7-Day Bridge Challenges with Ketopia and the results have been pouring in.  Soon we’ll have photos to share as well. Prior to the Challenge we prepared all participants on WHAT TO DO PRIOR TO KETOPIA.  We educated them on a Ketogenic […]

How Losing Weight with Ketopia Can Feed a Starving Child…what our team has done

How Losing Weight with Ketopia Can Feed a Starving Child….only with TeamImpact2020 Are you hearing a lot of buzz around Ketogenic Diets? The Ketogenic Lifestyle? A product called Ketopia- “the Bridge to take you there?” Are you looking to LOSE WEIGHT?  Rid those pounds that have crept up over the past months/years or possibly decades? […]